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Skilled in 3 d Motion control of the company Leap Motion will soon sell A body feeling interactive equipment, the products are mainly used ir imaging technology, and in the mainland a-share companies focus on infrared LED market lianchuang optoelectronic and attention.

In sensor technology level is not high, but in the infrared LED products are competitive. Among them, lianchuang optoelectronic r&d in the field of infrared LED epitaxial material, chip devices technology leading level in the mainland, and the company in December last year completed refinancing, raised industrialization project, is mainly used in the infrared LED device used for night vision system of the active infrared imaging technology and body feeling interaction equipment infrared imaging principle.

Lianchuang optoelectronic Jiang Guozhong President has said that the mainland infrared LED high-end products now are almost all foreign imports, it shows that the infrared LED is still as blue ocean market, basic don't do so lianchuang optoelectronic blue-green, will focus on red light LED, LED chip for relative differential market.

Market participants said the body feeling interaction is accomplished through the infrared leds and camera equipment for 3 d motion tracking, so the future high-end sensor and infrared LED device market focus will gradually increase.

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