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2017 Hong Kong International Lighting Technology Exhibition

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JUNE 9 to 12, 2017, my company on the basis of the guangzhou international lighting fair in June, again with the Hong Kong international lighting fair opportunity, enhance the influence of platinum - photoelectric in the customer, in the fierce competition in the international environment for the company to lay a solid foundation.

Over the years, platinum - keep photoelectric lighting appliances with the world development, long-term focus on city road lighting and road lighting energy-saving renovation project promotion, efforts to provide for the general customers the best outdoor lighting solutions and first-class lighting products, especially on the development of environmental protection, energy-saving products has achieved outstanding results.

The exhibition mainly shows the philips latest generation of HID lighting products Cosmopolis, CDM - Elit MW, SON -t PIA Eco LLM Fortimo LED and LED light source products in the application of outdoor lighting energy-saving renovation project. Cosmopolis including 45 w, 60 w, 90 w, 90 w four specifications, CDM - Elit MW includes 210 w, 315 w two specifications, the SON -t PIA Eco including 130 w, 220 w, 360 w three kinds of specifications, LED products, including a single module, 14 w, 12 w 21 w and 24 w, 42 w, 50 w specifications, such as supporting the use platinum victory photoelectric independent research and development production of electronic ballasts and accurate light distribution can be applied to all kinds of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns. In the field of road lighting, our company also shows the cooperation with the British CYAN company research and development of road lighting remote wireless control system, the system USES the international leading ad-hoc network with the wireless transmission technology, the final measurements (current, voltage, power, temperature, etc.) through GPRS transmission way to server for human-computer interaction, interface can be seen on the operating condition of street lamp and accurate location, convenient street lights maintenance management department.

This exhibition received more than 1000 foreign visitors, many customers at home and abroad have a large number of purchase intention and be a regional distributor or agent, so that the exhibition is not over, with foreign merchants directly to factory to discuss cooperation and agency.

With the development of energy-saving, environmental protection and sustainable development concept further enhance understanding, platinum - photoelectric is willing to cooperate with all friends sincerely, mutual benefit and reciprocity, the joint efforts for outdoor lighting energy-saving cause.

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